Wednesday, 30 October 2013

  1.The largest organ of human                                                                                                                      
 (a)Liver (b)Stomach (c)Skin (d) Heart 

 2. A gland present in human body which is both exocrine and endocrine in nature

 (a)Adrenal gland (b)Pancreas gland (c) Thyroid gland (d)Pituitary gland 

3. An 'emergency hormone' of the following

 (a) Thyroxine (b)Insulin (c)Glucagon (d)Adrenalin

 4. An exocrine gland which secret tears in the eye region 

 (a) Lacrimal gland (b) Sub-lingual glands (c)Pineal gland (d) Prostrate gland 

 5. Endocrine cells present in human testis which secrete 'testosterone' hormone

 (a) Beta cells (b) Alpha cells (c) Leydig cells (d) Delta cells

 6. A human hormone which is protein in nature

 (a) Testosterone (b) Progesterone (c) Insulin (d) Adrenalin

 7. A ductless gland of the following

 (a) Sweat gland (b) Salivary gland (c) Thyroid gland (d) Mammary gland 

8. Hypo secretion of Thyroxine hormone by Thyroid gland in infancy leads to a defect called

 (a) Gigantism (b) Cretinism (c) Myxoedema (d) Exophthalmic goitre 

9. The smallest bone present in human body is

 (a) Femur (b) Stapes (c) Sternum (d) Incus 

10. The brightest spot of vision on human retina in eye is

 (a) Blind spot (b) Fovea centralis (c) Scala media (d) Organ of corti

11. Endocrine cells in pancreas which secret Insulin hormone

(a) Alpha  cells  (b) Beta cells   (c) Delta cells   (d) Sertoli cells

12.  Under secretion of which of the following hormone causes Diabetis mellitus

(a) Adrenalin  (b) Thyroxine   (c) Insulin   (d) Cacitonin

13. Conjuctivitis is a disease  caused to

(a)  Nose  (b)  Throat  (c)  Eye   (d) Brain

14. Part of the brain which maintain balance and equilibrium of our body

(a) Cerebrum  (b) Cerebellum  (c) Medulla oblongata (d) Pons

15. One of the following is a function of cerebellum part of brain

(a) Thinking and reasoning  (b) Muscular co-ordination and toning of muscles (c) Control of the activities of internal organs  (d) Memory and recollection

16. The innermost meningeal layer of the brain

(a) Piamater   (b) Arachnoid   (c) Duramater  (d) Choroid

17. An organ which mediate reflex actions in human body

(a) Cerebrum (b) Cerebellum (c) Spinal cord (d) Medulla oblongata

18. The number of vertebrae in human backbone is

(a) 31  (b) 33  (c) 12  (d) 206

19. Thyroid gland is situated below

(a) Wind pipe  (b) Larynx  (c) Diaphragm  (d) Stomach

20. The part of the brain which contol our body temperature

(a) Thalamus  (b) Hypothalamus  (c) Optic chiasma  (d) Pineal gland